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Nestled in a quiet corner of Denver, CO...

lies a hidden gem suburb that has captured our hearts. Steeped in history, this neighborhood has a unique origin story – once serving as polo grounds, it was transformed into a vibrant residential community in the 1940s. Follow us on the transformation of this beautiful family home, which Studio XO Home acquired as an incomplete new build. Our team of designers and builders saw this project to completion, including finishing the construction, full design of the interior and exterior, and furnishing.

When Studio XO Home acquired this property, what many saw as unfinished and cumbersome, we saw as untapped potential. Despite this being a new build, we wanted the home to feel timeless and sophisticated. Our vision was to balance modernity with classic elements that embrace the culture and lifestyle of Denver. The result? A gorgeous 5-bedroom, 8.5-bathroom family residence that’s durable enough for kids, pets and parties without sacrificing elegance and style.

The team’s collective goal was to create a home that exuded livability, warmth, and sturdiness, breaking away from the conventional notions of a new build. It was designed to perfectly harmonize with its location.

Central to the design ethos was crafting a space that serves as an escape from the city's bustle while functioning as a hub for entertaining. The backyard was central to this. We meticulously designed the landscape to maintain the privacy of the backyard while creating a space perfect for hosting. This multi-seasonal space is signature to Denver and we wanted to ensure that temperate weather could be enjoyed to its fullest. Lounge by the pool in the summer, cozy up by the fire in the fall.

Drawing inspiration from the existing French exterior style,

we infused a touch of modernity by weaving in high-contrast finishes. Light floors dance in harmony with iron windows, while bold black and white accents run cohesively throughout the home. Rustic exposed beams and delicate light fixtures gracefully soften the space, creating a unique spin on the modern-farmhouse style.

While we kept a neutral color palette throughout much of the home, we allowed our fabrication choices to bring a sense of fun modern glamor. The oversized waterfall marble island in the kitchen, complete with distinct horizontal veining, serves as a centerpiece that is just begging to be sat at. The black marble fireplace anchors the primary bedroom and is emblematic of the subdued drama of the home. Herringbone marble floors take a classically luxe material and add a bit of funk.  Statement lighting throughout the home draws your eyes up and continues the black and white motif. Checkerboard floors are unexpected, yet familiar and comforting.

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The construction choices perfectly exemplify Studio XO Home’s design philosophy; even when making something functional, you can still make it fun. The build compliments our decor aesthetic and seamlessly merges our tastes with our client's.

Next step: furnishing.

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Jess and Julie Roitman