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At Studio XO Home,

every project starts with the build. All of the furnishing is chosen to complement and contrast the foundational elements of the home. As we moved into the furnishing and decorating phase, our goal was clear: create spaces that seamlessly blend rustic charm, modern elegance and functionality, all while giving each room its own unique, yet cohesive, personality.

To achieve this, we extended the distinctive fabrication that began with the architecture and followed that through to the furnishings. We wanted to avoid the monotony of uniformity, opting instead for a harmonious mix-and-match approach.

When furnishing for a family, the key is weaving together comfort and style. Durability was paramount in each furnishing choice. In the formal living room, we curated modern furniture upholstered in performance fabrics that not only exude contemporary luxury but also promise comfort that's designed to last. The playful shapes invite you to lounge in your best party wear on Friday and kick your feet up on Saturday morning over coffee. 

For the informal living room adjacent to the kitchen, we introduced a more rustic vibe that invites you to just sink in. We wanted the space off the kitchen to have the relaxed ambiance that’s crucial to the heart of the home.

Art has a unique ability to capture the spirit of a place.

As always at Studio XO, we embraced Colorado's timeless aesthetic; a touch of glamor, a touch of cowboy, and a touch of warmth. Our selection of artwork features local artists that capture the magic of Denver. These carefully curated pieces not only add visual appeal but also serve as a connection to the soul of the region.

In our pursuit of a balance between vibrancy and neutrality, the artwork plays a pivotal role. While the bones of the home remain a neural canvas, the artwork becomes the primary source of color throughout the home, like the focal blue painting in the dining room by a local Colorado artist.

When furnishing this home, we wanted each room to make every room feel unique yet cohesive. The final result is a tapestry of material and moods, each with its own character, purpose and charm. Each room beacons you to come, sit and stay a while.

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Jess and Julie Roitman