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Macchia su Macchia Scented Candle - Flora

Macchia su Macchia Scented Candle - Flora

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Stories of Italy is a Milan based brand and design studio that creates fine products steeped in traditional Italian craft.

The glass technique: the chromatic motifs of the collection are obtained by repeating multiple fusions of colored glass powders and flakes. Through this procedure, the glass flakes melt one on the other, giving life to unique patterns, always different from each other. Up to 5 different layers are needed to achieve the rich, soft and dense texture of this collection. Each piece is mouth-blowed in Murano island -Venice – by an expert Maestro.

FLORA - Spring flowers fragrance 
TOP NOTES: raspberry, red fruits
HEART NOTES: pineapple, melon, grape
BASE NOTES: patchouli, musk, cedar wood


270 ml / 100 hours Height 10 cm Diameter 8,5 cm

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