We’d love to be friends! 

Here at XO, we’re a family. Quite literally. Founded by mother + daughter, Julie + Jess Roitman, we combined our love of design (and each other) to bring a fresh perspective to the SoCal design scene. We believe that your space should reflect your personality, and we’ve curated a unique blend of brands we love to help you do just that. 

Julie is a professional designer with over 20 years of experience. Her taste is reflective of the different seasons of her life, from childhood to motherhood. She has designed homes throughout the American West, from Vail to Laguna Beach. Her style is warm, simple and elegant, with a touch of glam. Jess comes from a fashion background and has always harbored a love for all things beautiful. She is the fun and funky to Julie’s simple and elegant.

Julie and Jess share inspiration from their mother and grandmother, respectively. As an art collector and designer herself, her home was always full of unique and beautiful pieces. This was Julie’s childhood and Jess’s trip-to-grandma’s, surrounded by a strong sense of personal style.  Like mother, like daughter, generationally.

Our philosophy is simple: offer top quality furnishings, decor, lighting, and housewares directly to our clientele. We believe in conscious consumerism and are here to help guide you through your design decisions via our design services. Come for a shop, stay for a floor plan. 

We are born out of Denver, and headquartered in Los Angeles. Our online shop gives you the chance to shop XO from anywhere. 

As a brand, we are committed to only sourcing high-quality products, made from real and natural materials. We pride ourselves on tasteful and unique merchandising, exceptional customer service, and a forward-thinking approach to the retail experience, both online and IRL.